Carpenter Bee Season

Carpenter bee season is all but over! Carpenter bees are tough to get rid of. Carpenter bees cause a lot of damage. Although carpenter bee aren’t  flying around the carpenter bees are still there. Now is a grea time to fix carpenter bee damage. has everything you need to fix carpenter bee damage.

Get Rid of Carpenter bees!

Want to get rid of carpenter bees? You need to listen to this! Get a carpenter bee trap! these things are the most effective way of getting rid of carpenter bees! Nothing else out there is as cheap or as easy to use. Carpenter bees are no match for these traps! Protect your house, family and dog! Get a carpenter bee trap today.

Trap that Carpenter Bee!

Trapping carpenter bees is well on it’s way to becoming a sport! It’s a lot like trapping bears but a lot more dangerous! If you want to live life on the edge then you need to trap carpenter bees. If you want to get rid of carpenter bees you need to trap them! It’s a win win! Carpenter bees are only as dangerous as you make them.

Trap Those Bees Don’t Waste No Time or Yo Dime!

This is a rap song about carpenter bees. It came out in the late 90′s most people have never heard it because to many people were getting attacked by carpenter bees. Attacks don’t happen now…know why? Carpenter bee traps! Carpenter bees can’t attack if they are dead! Kill Carpenter bees you say? Trap carpenter bees says I!

Stop Running From Carpenter Bees! Trap Carpenter Bees!

I see people running from carpenter bees all the time. Yeah they are big and scary, and can sting like fire. Male carpenter bees, like most male animals, only want to mate. They see you then say hey can I mate with that thing. Let’s just say it’s your milkshake that brings those bees to your yard. So the male carpenter bee flies in, checks you out, and says nope…The female bee is more or less checking you out for safety reasons. Sorry guys shes just not that into you… So what do you do when you have one bee that wants to mate with you and another that wants to lead you on, only to sting you in the end?
those  carpenter bees that play with your emotions! Or makes you fear for your sanity. Trapping carpenter bees is the easiest way to get rid of carpenter bees! Don’t bee like the guy below…(those aren’t carpenter bees, and I don’t think they are trying to mate with him)


Don’t Poison Bees…Trap them!

Look people poison is bad for the environment, other insects, and YOU! Don’t spray carpenter bees with poison. It cost to much money to buy the chemicals, and way too much time to spray the chemicals. Traps are so much easier and cheaper! Carpenter bee traps are affordable and attractive! They play pivotal roles in getting rid of carpenter bee!

Carpenter Bees, the pest that brings damage to your wooden structures

Carpenter bees are unknown to a lot of the nation, however to the ones who become victims of their damage during the season of carpenter bees, they understand how much of a costly pest it can be. Not through countless stings or annoying buzzing around your season plans, but instead carpenter bees show how they get their name, by chewing through the wood of your house, your sheds, wood shops, and more. Carpenter bee traps are some of the best preventive and turn around pieces of equipment to save your wood from this damage, or bring it back from an already infested state.